Business Services Overview

As a Kansas City Metro small business owner you have more important things to focus on than trying to manage your company’s financials and Profit & Loss (P&L) income statements. At Ainsworth Accounting & Tax Services, we provide smart business advice and services for bookkeeping, tax accounting, CFO consulting and payroll needs.  We also analyze numbers to determine methods to better optimize, from a financial standpoint, your company in order to generate more profits.  

Here are a few of the Business Services we specialize in:

Small Business Accounting


CFO Services

1099 & W2 Processing

General Bookkeeping

Budget & Financial Analysis

Start-up Business consulting

Monthly, quarterly or annually, we will prepare and provide the following services for your corporation:     

    • Generate an accurate P&L income statement  

    • Reconcile your bank accounts (bank reconciliation)

    • Generate a solid balance sheet  

    • Create and maintain an general ledger      

    • Provide consultations to help you understand and utilize the financial information    

    • Prepare corporate tax returns and year end tax planning                 

    • Provide efficient payroll accounting services

    • Prepare business and financial projections         

We use the latest accounting software and technology tools – such as Quickbooks and Cloud file sharing for secure data transfer. This is to maximize all our communication with your team.   We also offer CFO consulting services and small and medium sized business controller accounting assistance.

Quickbooks Consulting Overview

Does your business need improved bookkeeping software like QuickBooks to manage your payroll or accounting information more efficiently? Ainsworth Accounting & Tax Services provides a broad range of tax, accounting and business consulting solutions, which are tailored to meet the needs of all customers from small to midsize business owners, executives, and independent contractors throughout the Kansas City Metro area.

We also provide year round tax preparation for businesses, financial statements, outsourced CFO/CEO services. We study and evaluate your company’s software and accounting needs. We are Quickbooks professionals. We offer several QuickBooks’ options designed to help small businesses alter and modify their accounting systems and respective hassles. QuickBooks softwares an online cloud based software accounting system that allows your staff to manage the books from anywhere.

Our QuickBooks Consulting Services include:

QuickBooks Setup Install and Customization

Start with the correct accounting procedures from the beginning. Allow our firm to set up your chart of accounts and other modules that you will be using. If you haven’t purchased QuickBooks yet, we can help you decide the best version for you. Once you start using QuickBooks, it’s relatively simple to understand it’s the initial setup and installation which must be done properly so all the future information that your staff enters will be accurate. You will need all the same information that is required for manual accounting records to switch over to QuickBooks on your desktop/laptop computer. Although, it is less complicated to make the switch over at the beginning of the year, we can assist your company through the Quickbooks integration, at any time. Click here to read more.

Quickbooks Training

We train and consult new and experienced QuickBooks users on how to manage their bookkeeping, payroll, inventory, accounts receivable and accounts payable more efficiently. If your business is new to using QuickBooks, we will install it on your devices and then offer face to face training on how use it properly the Quickbooks Software. Why do we recommend one on one trainings more than a class?  

  • We will only focus on the features that will have an impact on your business

  • We can answer any questions or concerns you may have

  • We only spend time on the specific issues that are facing your company

QuickBooks Cleanup Consulting

Accurate records are vital for making important operational business decisions and saving money. Whether you need to get prepared for tax season, a financial review or just need to cleanup some accounting or payroll problem areas, Ainsworth Accounting & Tax Servies can help organize your businesses online bookkeeping system. Some of the accounting and bookkeeping areas we can help with are;

  • Reviewing all the transactions your business made during the year

  • Cleaning up stray entries into the system

  • Reconciling your company’s balance sheets

  • Balancing general ledger to subsidiary records

  • Personalized training on Quickbooks   

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our QuickBooks services and any other business or tax consulting services that we offer to help your company reach its financial goals. 

Ongoing Quickbooks Review

If you just want to know if all is being recorded properly or if anything can be automated, we can do a quick analysis of your QuickBooks version and give you tips for improvement.

Accounting System Conversion

We can assist you with bringing over transactional or summary history, vendors, and customers into QuickBooks from your previous financial system.

 Tax Services

Ainsworth Accounting & Tax Services helps hundreds of individuals and business owners each year ensure that they are making the best tax preparation decisions. Our in-depth tax planning strategies approach goes well beyond just a review of your previously filed tax returns.

Here are a few of the Tax Services we specialize in:

 Ainsworth Accounting & Tax Services Consulting Overview