Quickbooks Install, Setup & Customization

Start with the correct accounting procedures from the beginning. Allow our firm to set up your chart of accounts and other modules that you will be using. If you haven’t purchased QuickBooks yet, we can help you decide the best version for you. Once you start using QuickBooks, it’s relatively simple to understand it’s the initial setup and installation which must be done properly so all the future information that your staff enters will be accurate. You will need all the same information that is required for manual accounting records to switch over to QuickBooks on your desktop/laptop computer. Although, it is less complicated to make the switch over at the beginning of the year, we can assist your company through the Quickbooks integration, at any time.

If you have questions like-

  1. Which accounting method does your business currently use?

  2. What kind of chart of accounts does your business require?

  3. How are beginning balances handled?”

Let Ainsworth Accounting & Tax Services assist you.