Ainsworth Accounting & Tax Services Consulting

Insightful financial and accounting guidance to drive more innovation and productivity.

We advise and assist business of all phases from Start-up to Scaling. Your business may be organizationally complex, or family-run. Whatever the size, growth phase, or complexity of your corporation, we are available to advise with you on all your business management issues. We listen to, understand the unique aspects of your business, and then we cater our roles to help you get the most out of your resources and meet your business goals by increasing efficiency.  Consider us your trusted advisor, we will work closely with you when you’re building, managing, or selling your business. And we provide the accounting information and consulting you need to make educated, strategic decisions for your business.

We advise in some of the following categories below-

Just Starting Up   

  • Entity selection and incorporation filing   

  • Fictitious business name statement (DBA)

  • Business licenses    

  • Federal and State ID Forms   

  • System implementation

  • Financial planning    

  • Policies and procedures    

  • Expense tracking            

Already Up and Running  

  • Revenue accounting  

  • Accounting and bookkeeping guidance  

  • Month end accounting    

  • GAAP financial statements   

  • Employee benefits consulting

  • General business advisory  

  • Accounts payable/receivable

  • Account reconciliations

  • Interim CFO consulting  

  • Tax planning and consulting

  • Tax preparation and compliance        

  • Outsourced payroll and sales tax   

  • Fixed asset tracking     

  • Financial reporting    

  • W2 and 1099s         

Scaling Your Business   

  • Budgeting creation  

  • Pricing    

  • Audit support and preparation     

  • Cash flow analysis and monitoring

  • Financial forecasting and projections